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“Your still life’s are anything but still!”

Gerda was born in Bavaria. Her family came to Canada when she was five, growing up in or near Montreal. She earned her B.Com in Marketing from McGill while working full time. She then started her own business buying and selling shipping containers, and then added a second business related to transport repairs. Well, that’s the left-brain part of her background. The right-brain came bubbling to the surface in the 80’s. She explored various art courses, most notably at the Saiyde Bronfman Centre of the Arts, as well as participating in numerous workshops. Her first solo exhibition was in 1994. Continued exhibitions and positive reviews encouraged her to quit her day-time job and become a full-time artist. “I have never looked back”.


Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Bernard Boileau Engineering, Gatineau, QC
Capital Bank of Canada, Montreal, QC
Diana Carr, Attorney, Ottawa, ON
Central Mitsubishi Fuso, Ottawa, On
Children’s Education Fund Inc., Toronto, ON
Chisholm Centre, Oakville, ON
Cosmopolitan Fine Arts, La Jolla, CA, USA
Cruise Ship People, London, UK
Dr. Chubb, McGill University, Montreal, QC
Dr. Paul Dumas, Montreal, QC
Dr. Peter Lipes, Montreal, QC
Doran Contractors Limited, Ottawa, ON
European Commission, Belgium, EU
France Lord, Attorney, Montreal, QC
FundServ, Incorporated, Toronto, ON
G.G. Design, Laval, QC
Gestion DMD Incorporated, Repentigny, QC
Goliger’s Travel Plus Canada, Waterloo, ON
Grafik Communication, Montreal, QC
Grimm Lights, Meckenbeuren, Germany
Groupe Createch, Verdun, QC
Heather Grant, Cnd Trade Commissioner, Singapore
Ippersiel Communication, Saint Augustin de Desmaures, QC
Location Empress, Lachine, QC
Lynn Gould Interiors, Ottawa, ON
Maier, Helmut, Tettnang, Germany
Marque d’or, Montreal, QC
McCool Companies, Georgetown, DE, US
MediaLink Communication, CZ, EU
Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto, ON
Prisma Outremont, Montreal , QC
Provident, Toronto, ON
Queen’s Landing Hotel, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
RBC Insurance Canada, Toronto, ON
Royal Trust Energy Corporation, Calgary, AB
Sharpe Communication Strategies, Montreal, QC
Societe Nutrimont SA, Montignac, FR, EU
Suno-Tech, Montreal, QC
Tele-Universite du Quebec, Montreal, QC
TransForce Corporate, Montreal, QC
Valerie Rowley Interiors, Bolton, ON
Versentech, Montreal, QC
Walton International Group, Toronto, ON
Wyant Co. Limited, Montreal, QC